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Chilsung-ro Shopping Street



On October 30, the Cultural and Tourist Market Fostering Agency(Leader Hyun, Jeong-kook) of the Jeju Chilsung-ro Shopping Center took one step forward, starting from the pedestrian-only street.
The agency also made an agreement with the Korea Food for the Hungry International corporation of Jeju (director Oh, Tae-suk) for the Love and Happiness Campaign that day.

The agency, along with the opening, held a free education and cultural experience with students and their families at the pedestrian-only street the following day.
This agency aims to create a plaza where the whole pedestrian street becomes a lively mixture of traditional and modern cultural aspects.
It should maintain the Chilsung-ro shopping center's own characteristics with an addition of touristic joy and eventually develop into a cultural and tourist market.

This project is led by the Small and Medium Business Administration, Jeju special self-governing province, Jeju-si, and the Small Enterprise and Market Service,
and supervised by the Jeju Chilsung-ro shopping center Promoting Enterprise Cooperative, Jeju Chilsung-ro shopping center Cultural and Tourist Market Fostering Agency.

Thank you

Jeju Chilsung-ro Shopping Street Cooperative Association of Promotional Business
이사장 김선애
济州七星路商店街促销业务合作协会, 理事长 김선애